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Blue Harbinger is an independent investment research and consulting company. Our mission is to help you make better, smarter, more profitable investment decisions.
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Located in Naperville, Illinois, Blue Harbinger is an independent investment research and consulting company designed to help you identify exceptional investment opportunities while avoiding the high costs and conflicts of interest that are prevalent throughout the industry. Blue Harbinger is a better, smarter, more profitable way to invest.

Blue Harbinger was founded by Mark D. Hines after a 15-year career in the financial services industry. Hines previously managed an $11 billion equity investment program at Wespath Investment Management, and also was a portfolio manager on the active equities team at Northern Trust Global Investments. Throughout his career he has been laser focused on building top quality investment portfolios, as well as fighting back against Wall Street's hidden fees and conflicts of interest. Hines holds a BS in Finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and an MBA from the University of Chicago.


The "Blue" in our name is a reference to "blue chip" companies. Blue chip companies are those that have a reputation for quality, reliability, and the ability to operate profitably in good times and in bad. Because of our appreciation for blue chip stocks, the Blue Harbinger logo is a blue chip.



A harbinger [hahr-bin-jer] is anything that foreshadows a future event.  We believe there are certain investment characteristics that foreshadow future performance.  For example, well-run businesses that consistently generate positive cash flows and trade at attractive prices will likely deliver better long-term returns than the rest of the market. Similarly, when an investor is careful to avoid Wall Street's hidden fees and numerous conflicts of interest, then that too is a harbinger of good, long-term, investment performance.


You may have noticed there are no advertisements anywhere on this website. That's because we don't want to distract you (or us) with unnecessary content. We don't receive compensation for selling any particular investments or securities, and this allows us to focus exclusively on providing top quality information to help you make better, smarter, more profitable investment decisions. 


At Blue Harbinger, we admire Benjamin Graham, Eugene Fama, Jack Bogle, and a small group of private investors and traders. We admire Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett's mentor, for his intelligent, common sense valuation techniques. We admire Nobel laureate Eugene Fama because his analytical work on risk factor exposures and modern portfolio theory continues to be an excellent guidepost for us when assessing stock market performance. We admire Jack Bogle, the founder of the Vanguard Group, for driving down investment costs for individual investors through the use of index funds. And lastly, we’ve been influenced by a small group of private investors, traders and business owners that have demonstrated to us that you can create the working environment you want, and have a job that you absolutely love.


We consider ourselves value investors, but it really depends on how you define growth and value. To us, a value stock is any stock trading below its intrinsic value. And to judge a company only on current or near-term growth expectations and/or price-to-book is incomplete.  We don't restrict ourselves to investing only in "Russell 3000 Value" stocks, for example. And we have no problem buying a company with extreme growth expectations as long as we believe it's worth more than the price. Lastly, we pay attention to the ebbs and flows of various passive beta market exposures, and we appreciate the empirical value of "value" stocks.


One of the most common mistakes we see investors and traders make is to overpay for their investments and trades. For example, many people "chase" returns, and buy whatever performed the best last week, last quarter or last year. This is often the exact wrong thing to do. Additionally, many investors and traders pay a lot of unnecessary commission charges and hidden trading costs.  There are smart ways to avoid these costs and make your money work harder for you. Lastly, many investors and traders simply don't do their homework.


Ben Franklin said that "a penny saved is a penny earned." We believe in managing resources prudently. For example, a subscription to Blue Harbinger Research is inexpensive relative to other service providers for two main reasons. One, we believe in practicing what we preach; overpaying for investments, brokers and research is one of the most common mistakes investors and traders of all levels make. Two, we genuinely want to help people. We believe a subscription to Blue Harbinger is worth far more than it costs. Similarly, our consulting work focuses just as much on the bottom line (saving costs for our clients) as it does on the top line (better, smarter, more profitable investment decisions).


Only you can decide whether or not Blue Harbinger is right for you. We bring many years of experience and education to Blue Harbinger as well as a true passion for investing. You can read more about our services here:

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