Top 10 Big-Yield Investments to Start 2018

Yield-Chasing is one of the 7 Deadly Sins of Long-Term Investing. For example, when an investment offers a double-digit yield, it can be a red flag—perhaps an indication of distress. However, we believe the 10 ideas presented in this article are all attractive from a risk-versus-reward standpoint. Without further ado, here is our ranking of top big-yield opportunities, starting with #10 and counting down to #1.

Amazon Insurance: 5 Attractive High-Income Retail REITs

Recent acquisition activities suggest some investors are starting to see deep value in the struggling retail REIT industry, as it adjusts to online retailers like Amazon. This article describes five attractive ways to play the industry with stocks, bonds and options. And if history is any indication, "hot stocks" will eventually underperform, and when the market capitulates, you may be left wishing you had diversified into a few more high-income, contrarian, retail REITs.

STAG: Big Dividend and Room to Run, But Watch It Closely

STAG Industrial (STAG) is a REIT that pays a big monthly dividend (5.0%), and it's been delivering outstanding price returns, but it's also riskier than many investors realize. This article provides an overview of STAG's strategy, details on the three main factors that drive its price performance, an explanation of why it has performed well in its relatively short life, a review of some big risks, and finally our views on how to "play" an investment in STAG.

Top 8 High-Income REITs Worth Considering

If you are an income-focused value investor, you’ve probably been drawn to REITs by their big dividend yields and perceived low-volatility. Over the last year, a few REITs have performed well, while many others have been very disappointing. This article highlights 8 big dividend REITs that we believe are attractive and worth considering, but all for different reasons. Without further ado, here is the list.

The Average Investor Has a Terrible Track Record

Some investors have forgotten, and some investors just don’t know, but if you are a retail investor, over-trading is generally very bad for your wealth. This article provides a few reminders, perhaps eye openers, starting with this “oldie but goodie” chart about just how bad the average investor really is.

Tectonic Market Shift Starting - Are You Ready?

This article reviews a big market shift that is just starting, and how to profit from it. Tax reform and shifting monetary policies are slowing recent winners (e.g. large growth stocks and technology) and propelling some attractive mean reversion opportunities. In particular, we like small cap, value, and US stocks right now. In September, all three Blue Harbinger strategies extended their long-term track records of outperforming the S&P 500.

Seeking Income: 5 Better Options than Caterpillar

Caterpillar has a lot more long-term upside potential, but we sold 100% of our Caterpillar shares this morning for a gain of +110% after owning them for 19 months. Before describing the 5 better income-producing investments, we review why we sold our shares of Caterpillar. Our 5 better options than Caterpillar for income-seeking investors are organized from least to most risky, but they’re all attractive, in our view.

How Not to Invest: 7 Deadly Sins of Long-Term Investing

Long-term investing is a proven strategy to build wealth, and it is a lot more powerful than many investors realize. However, whether you are brand new to investing or a seasoned pro, there are seven terrible mistakes (deadly sins) that can easily prevent you from achieving your goals.

Top 5 Big-Dividend Healthcare REITs

Healthcare stocks (XLV) have gained 14.5% over the last year, thereby keeping pace with the overall market as measured by the S&P 500 (SPY) which gained 15.0% over the same time period. However, there are a variety of reasons why healthcare REITs have significantly underperformed, many of them delivering negative returns, as shown in the following table.

10 Reasons Ventas Is Better Than Welltower

Ventas (VTR) and Welltower (HCN) are both healthcare REITs focused mainly on senior housing. They face similar risks and similar opportunities. This article describes ten similarities between the two and then provides 10 reasons why we believe one is more attractive than the other. We've also ranked the winner on our broader list of Top 5 Big-Dividend Healthcare REITS Worth Considering.

Omega’s 7.7% Yield: A Balanced Perspective

There is a reason why Omega Healthcare Investors’ (OHI) yield (7.7%) and short-interest (21.2%) are so high. And yesterday’s release of the new GOP healthcare bill did nothing to improve the situation This article provides an update on Omega, highlights several bad reasons to invest, and concludes with our views on the right way to think about this high-yield REIT.

Despite the Big Safe Yield, Simon Property Group is Hated

Blue Harbinger's Mark Hines had the pleasure of doing an interview about Simon Property Group with Cheddar TV and Seeking Alpha this morning. In a nutshell, our thesis is that Simon Property Group is a hated REIT (it's very out of favor), and as contrarians this is exactly why we like it. Plus its attractive valuation and its big safe growing dividend (currently 4.4% yield).

Forget FANG: 10 Big Safe Dividends Worth Considering

The aggressive large cap growth stocks that have been dominating the market this year (e.g. Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google/Alphabet) have recently been showing signs of capitulation. Rather than chasing after the most popular growth stocks, this article highlights 10 big safe income-generating investment opportunities that we believe are worth considering.

5 Attractive Dividend Growth Options

If you’re looking for a source of income in your portfolio, but all of the dividend growth stocks you like seem expensive, then you may want to consider selling put options. For those of you inclined, this article details five specific dividend-growth stocks (Bank of America, Gilead, IBM, Verizon and Goldman Sachs) that currently offer attractive put option premiums for income-focused investors.

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