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You’re Too Old to Make This Mistake (Monthly Performance Update)

If you’d have been invested in 100% “aggressive growth” stocks over the last two months (for example, young software companies with very high sales growth), you’d have gotten absolutely slaughtered. A bloodbath. Whether you call it a “rotation” or a long overdue “correction,” is irrelevant. The mistake we are talking about is, of course, the failure to prudently diversify your portfolio. We’re not suggesting anyone be a “closet index fund,” but for goodness sake, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. In fact, don’t even put most of them in one basket. You’re too darned old for that crap. And if you don’t know what we’re talking about, for your reference, check out these 7 Deadly Sins of Long-Term Investing (too many eggs in one basket is on the list).

Top 7 Preferred Stocks: 7% Yields, and Up (Blue Harbinger Weekly Part 1)

If you like to earn high income on your investments, and you are frustrated with artificially low interest rates (thanks to the Fed’s meddling), you might consider preferred stocks. They offer compelling high yields, and less volatility risk than many other high yield opportunities. And while price appreciation is not usually the primary goal of preferred stock investors, some of preferred stocks can offer attractive price appreciation potential, if you select them right. This is part 1 of this week’s Blue Harbinger Weekly, and we are sharing our views on high yield preferred stocks as well as specific attractive opportunities.

Tsakos: 10.7% Yield Preferred Shares Are Worth Considering

Tsakos Energy Navigation Limited (TNP) is a leading provider of seaborne transportation services to the crude oil and petroleum products industry. In this article, we analyze its business model, dividend potential, growth prospects and finally conclude with our opinion on whether the company’s preferreds offer an attractive balance between risks and rewards.

Attractive Opportunities as Value Stocks Heat Up (Blue Harbinger Weekly Part 1 )

A dramatic shift is taking place in the market as value stocks continue to heat up, and it’s creating some attractive opportunities, so long as you stay disciplined and focused on your goals. This week’s Weekly shares some specific attractive opportunities, as well as our advice on how to win in this market.

Seaspan Preferred Shares: 7.8% Yield, Worth Considering

If it’s steady high-income you’re looking for, Seaspan’s series I preferred shares (SSW.PI) are worth considering. You shouldn’t expect any price appreciation for these shares (they’ll continue to hover right around $25), but the big quarterly dividend payments are supported by a strong growing business (Seaspan’s fleet has grown dramatically while simultaneously increasing operational efficiency), strong financials (access to cash on favorable terms) and favorable industry dynamics (demand for Seaspan’s differentiated fleet). Further, the 7.8% dividend yield will go a lot farther than most other income investments, and it’ll do so with considerably less volatility risk and stress.

BP’s 6.6% yield: Is It Worth The Risk?

BP Is an integrated oil and gas company, and the dividend yield has risen to a well-above-average 6.6%. This article reviews the reasons the yield has gotten high, the strengths of BP’s investment portfolio (upstream and downstream), financial position, cash flows, valuation and risks. We conclude with our opinion about whether or not the big yield is attractive and worth considering for income-focused investors.

Royal Dutch Shell: Stable Dividend (6.7% Yield) in a Volatile Sector?

Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.B) has a consistent history of paying dividends despite swings in oil and gas prices. The company has successfully used balance sheet and cost containment to sustain dividends during difficult times. This article provides a background on the company, analyzes its cash flow generation, dividend potential and finally concludes with our opinion on whether investors should add exposure to the company. 

Top 5 Big Safe Yields (Energy Sector): Blue Harbinger Weekly (Part 1)

The energy sector has been volatile (most recently thanks to the Saudi Arabian oil field attacks and associated fears), and from volatility comes opportunity. But perhaps more important to many investors, there are a variety of big safe yields currently available in the volatile energy sector, and they are trading at attractive prices. This week’s Blue Harbinger Weekly reviews our Top 5 big safe yields within the energy sector.

Blue Harbinger Weekly Part 1: Recession Fears, Big Market Rotation

Investors have been bemoaning the extended rally by growth and momentum stocks for years considering value has been meaningfully underperforming (value stocks are still up a lot, just not as much as growth). However, there’s been a significant market style rotation going on in recent weeks whereby the fastest “revenue growers” have sold-off hard. Pundits have also recently been obsessed with the idea of a coming recession, and view the rotation as the beginning of the end (or as chicken little would say, “the sky is falling.”) This week’s Weekly reviews the rotation, identifies attractively priced opportunities, and shares some common sense wisdom on the current market environment.

Blue Harbinger Weekly Part 1: The Fed’s Narrative or The President’s?

This week’s Weekly doubles as our monthly performance update. We first compare the dueling narratives on interest rates from the Federal Reserve versus the President, and then consider whether your investments were impacted by your decision to believe one story or the other. Next we review the recent performance of our three investment strategies (including every single position). All three strategies continue to deliver market-beating performance and deliver high income for investors. We also share several attractive investment ideas.

Forget ZIRP: Top 10 Big Yields (BDCs, CEFs and REITs)

Over the last year, interest rate expectations have gone from expected rate hikes by the Fed to rate cuts, and it’s got people scared and confused. Increasingly confounding to many, rates in many regions around the world are now negative. According to Wikipedia, a Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) is for extraordinary circumstances. But let’s forget ZIRP for a moment, and instead consider attractive big yield opportunities for income-focused investors. This article focuses on Business Development Companies (BDCs), Closed-End Funds (CEFs) and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Specifically, we count down our Top 10 Big Yields from that category. And without further ado, here is the list.

Ares Capital: 8.4% Yield, Stable Income Potential

Ares Management, L.P. is the largest BDC in the US by assets. The company holds a well-diversified, low risk portfolio of assets and has provided sustained income to investors since its IPO in 2004. This article provides a background on the company, analyzes its portfolio and finally concludes with our opinion on whether investors should consider adding exposure to the company.

MAIN’s 6.8% Yield: Consistent Dividends, Lower Middle-Market Investments

If you’re looking for an attractive way to generate stable income and an interesting way to participate in the lower middle-market, then Houston based BDC Main Street Capital (MAIN) is worth considering. It delivers a consistently growing dividend per share, under average debt to equity and above average ROE and ROA, and it has significant oppurtunities for continuied NAV growth per share.

Goldman Sachs BDC: Compelling 9.1% Yield, Reasonably Priced

If you’re looking for stable high income, Goldman Sachs BDC (GSBD) offers an interesting way to invest in private middle-market companies while paying you a healthy 9.1% dividend yield. This article reviews the business, the portfolio, net investment income, dividend coverage, and risks, before finally concluding with our opinion about who might want to consider investing in this high yield opportunity.

Monroe Capital: Why This 13.4% Yielder Sold Off 21%, and What Comes Next

They say almost everything becomes attractive at the right price. And considering the 21% sell off in 13.4% yield Monroe Capital (due to its company-specific challenges, combined with the overall industry and market sell off), it is increasingly tempting to consider the shares of this diversified business development company (“BDC”). This article provides a background on Monroe, analyzes its portfolio and finally concludes with our opinion on whether investors should consider buying shares given its high dividend yield and low valuation.

STAG’s 4.6% Yield: An Industrial REIT With More Octane

STAG Industrial, Inc (STAG) is an attractive monthly dividend REIT that has experienced a sizeable increase in its asset base since its IPO in 2011. The company plans to continue on its path of acquisitive growth, and its calculated strategy of aggregating properties along with purposeful diversification is expected to pay growing dividends for years to come. This article analyzes the various strengths of STAG, looks at the dividend yield, valuation, risks, and concludes with our opinion on why STAG is worth considering if you are a long-term income-focused investor.

Ventas’ 5.1% Yield: Too Much Risk for This Popular REIT?

Ventas Inc. (VTR) has significantly restructured its portfolio in the last two years to address a downturn in operational performance. The adverse impacts of these changes are expected to continue through 2019. This article analyzes the various challenges that have brought Ventas to its current position, and then considers the health of the business, valuation, risks, dividend safety, and concludes with our opinion about whether Ventas is an attractive choice for investors seeking stable long-term returns.

EastGroup Properties: Will the Safe Dividend and Price Appreciation Continue?

EastGroup Properties (EGP) has been one of the best performers in the industrial REIT sector over the last five years in terms of maximizing shareholder value. The company’s differentiated operating strategy and risk-adjusted targeted development program is expected to pave the way for future growth. This article analyzes the various strengths of EGP, looks at the dividend yield and valuation (the dividend has been consistently increasing, but the yield is still only 2.5% because the price keeps increasing too, as it should) and concludes with our opinion on whether EGP is worth considering if you’re a long-term dividend growth investor.

Realty Income’s 3.7% Yield: Still Investable Considering New International Forage?

Realty Income (O) is a popular monthly dividend paying REIT that has recently started to invest outside the US. This article considers whether this international forage is a good idea or if the company is now desperate for opportunities. We also consider the company’s portfolio, balance sheet, competitive advantages, dividend safety, valuation, and conclude with our opinion on whether or not Realty Income is still an attractive investment opportunity for long-term income-focused investors.

Is This a Bear Market Relief Rally?

At Blue Harbinger, we are disciplined long-term investors. But that doesn’t mean we don’t pay attention to short and mid-term market technicals. Technical analysis is a tertiary consideration for us, behind asset allocation (e.g. “beta,” or your mix of stocks, bonds, cash) and picking attractive individual securities (e.g. “alpha”). Here is how we monitor technical conditions, and some thoughts on whether the strong start to 2019 is just a “relief rally” within broader bear market conditions.

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