Snapshots and Updates

Hindenburg Omen Flashing Red, Is It Reliable?

At Blue Harbinger, we never make investment decisions based on technical analysis alone. However, we absolutely do pay attention. One of the ways we monitor technical market conditions is by helping the renowned Jeff Miller create his weekly Stock Exchange report. The report not only reviews specific technical trading ideas, but it also shares the mid and longer-term results of Jeff’s various technical trading models—which can be extremely insightful as to what has and has not been working from a technical standpoint (e.g. momentum vs reversion). Without further ado, here is this week’s report.

The China Snap Back Could Be Violent

China has been performing absolutely terribly this year, especially relative to the US, as the talk of more tariffs sounds more alarms. However, just yesterday we received news of planned trade talks between the two countries, and that possibility was enough to send China shares significantly higher for a one-day move. There could be a larger and significantly more violent snap back for Chinese shares if/when meaningful discussions actually take place, and if/when an amicable resolution is achieved.

Forget FAANG: Top 10 Big Yields, Lower Risk

FAANG stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google/Alphabet) have been posting very strong returns in recent years, and there are reasons to believe this could continue. However, investing in FAANG stocks generally involves significantly more volatility and risk - something many income-focused investors want to avoid. This article shares our ranking of 10 attractive big-yield investments, across 10 different investment categories, all with relatively lower risk profiles compared to FAANG.

Fun Chart on S&P 500 Performance After a Big Down Day

Markets sold-off significantly on Thursday, with the S&P 500 down 2.5%. New tariffs from the White House, and comments from new Fed Chair (Jerome Powell) weighed on investors' minds. Nonetheless, the economy remains strong, and here are a couple of fun charts on the future performance of the S&P 500 after historical big sell-offs...

Top 10 Big-Yield Investments to Start 2018

Yield-Chasing is one of the 7 Deadly Sins of Long-Term Investing. For example, when an investment offers a double-digit yield, it can be a red flag—perhaps an indication of distress. However, we believe the 10 ideas presented in this article are all attractive from a risk-versus-reward standpoint. Without further ado, here is our ranking of top big-yield opportunities, starting with #10 and counting down to #1.

Top 8 High-Income REITs Worth Considering

If you are an income-focused value investor, you’ve probably been drawn to REITs by their big dividend yields and perceived low-volatility. Over the last year, a few REITs have performed well, while many others have been very disappointing. This article highlights 8 big dividend REITs that we believe are attractive and worth considering, but all for different reasons. Without further ado, here is the list.

The Average Investor Has a Terrible Track Record

Some investors have forgotten, and some investors just don’t know, but if you are a retail investor, over-trading is generally very bad for your wealth. This article provides a few reminders, perhaps eye openers, starting with this “oldie but goodie” chart about just how bad the average investor really is.

Tectonic Market Shift Starting - Are You Ready?

This article reviews a big market shift that is just starting, and how to profit from it. Tax reform and shifting monetary policies are slowing recent winners (e.g. large growth stocks and technology) and propelling some attractive mean reversion opportunities. In particular, we like small cap, value, and US stocks right now. In September, all three Blue Harbinger strategies extended their long-term track records of outperforming the S&P 500.

How Not to Invest: 7 Deadly Sins of Long-Term Investing

Long-term investing is a proven strategy to build wealth, and it is a lot more powerful than many investors realize. However, whether you are brand new to investing or a seasoned pro, there are seven terrible mistakes (deadly sins) that can easily prevent you from achieving your goals.

10 Attractive High-Yield Blue Chips, For Contrarians

If you are an income-focused investor, and you appreciate the price appreciation potential of a good contrarian opportunity, then you may want to consider some of the ideas highlighted in this article. Specifically, we provide an overview (and data) on “Dogs of the Dow,” “Dividend Aristocrats," retail REITs, healthcare REITs, MLPs, closed end funds, and options strategies, including ten of our favorite high-yield, contrarian, blue chip opportunities right now.

Top 7 High-Yield Healthcare REITs Worth Considering

Understandably, many investors are not excited about traditional fixed income investments because interest rates are so low and rising (as rates go up, bond prices go down). Also understandably, many investors are not excited about high-yield stocks because they usually involve much more volatility and risk than bonds. However, healthcare REITs is one corner of the market that risk-averse income-focused investors may want to consider.

How Long Will The Shift To Growth Stocks Continue?

There's been a big shift to growth stocks so far in 2017, as measured by the year-to-date performance of the large and small growth ETFs versus their value counterparts, as shown in the following table. This report highlights contrarian opportunities (including value versus growth) across sector, style, country, regional, asset class, and more ETFs.

40 Big Dividends with High Short Interest, Consider These Two

Considering interest rates are still artificially low, many income-hungry investors are attracted to high-dividend stocks. However, a high-dividend can be a sign of distress. Another possible sign of distress is a high level of short interest. This article highlights 40 high-dividend stocks with high short interest, and then handpicks two of the companies and explains why they actually present very attractive, high-income, contrarian opportunities worth considering.

RMDs: Who? What? When? Where? Why? (and How!)

If you have a retirement account, and you’re about to turn 70 ½, you don’t want to miss your Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) – because it will cost you… a lot! As in a 50% tax penalty! This article reviews the very important who, what, when, where, and why of RMDs, and gives a few ideas on how to reinvest the distributions.

60 Industrial & Retail REITs Yielding Over 4%

Big-dividend REITs have underperformed the rest of the market, particularly since the election, as interest rate expectations have increased, and investors have sold “safe-haven” stocks in favor of more aggressive-growth sectors. In our view, this has created some attractive investment opportunities. This article provides data on 60 Industrial and Retail REITS yielding over 4%, and also highlights a few of our favorites.

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