Top 7 Preferred Stocks: 7% Yields, and Up (Blue Harbinger Weekly Part 1)

If you like to earn high income on your investments, and you are frustrated with artificially low interest rates (thanks to the Fed’s meddling), you might consider preferred stocks. They offer compelling high yields, and less volatility risk than many other high yield opportunities. And while price appreciation is not usually the primary goal of preferred stock investors, some of preferred stocks can offer attractive price appreciation potential, if you select them right. This is part 1 of this week’s Blue Harbinger Weekly, and we are sharing our views on high yield preferred stocks as well as specific attractive opportunities.

Tsakos: 10.7% Yield Preferred Shares Are Worth Considering

Tsakos Energy Navigation Limited (TNP) is a leading provider of seaborne transportation services to the crude oil and petroleum products industry. In this article, we analyze its business model, dividend potential, growth prospects and finally conclude with our opinion on whether the company’s preferreds offer an attractive balance between risks and rewards.

Tsakos: Tempting High Yields, Cash Flows Uncertain

Tsakos Energy Navigation (TNP) is a marine shipping company (mainly crude oil) that offers an array of high-yield equities including 5 series of preferred shares with dividend yields from 7.9% to 9.5% and common shares offering a 5.8% dividend yield. But before you start trying to decide which of Tsakos’ many high-yield securities you want to invest in, you might first want to consider whether you believe the business will actually produce the cash flows necessary to support those payments to investors. This article details the two biggest risks threatening Tsakos’ future ability to pay, and then reviews the differences between the company’s array of high yield securities. We conclude with our thoughts on how income-focused investors might want to “play” Tsakos.

Market Rover: 100 High-Yield Preferreds Under $25, These 2 Are Worth Considering

High-yield preferred stocks can be attractive to the companies issuing them and to the investors that own them, particularly when they trade below $25 per share. This article provides data on over 100 high-yield preferred stocks currently trading under $25 per share. We also highlight two particularly attractive high-yield preferred stock opportunities that income-focused investors may want to consider.

50 High Yield Stocks Down Big on Friday: These Five are Worth Considering

This past Friday (6/10) was not a good day for high yield stocks as the market was in a risk-off mood. This article includes a table highlighting 50 stocks, yielding over 5%, that experienced large 1-day price declines on Friday. And of the 50, we believe five currently offer particularly attractive investment opportunities for income-seeking investors. Here are the five...

How to Play $20 Oil

“Here Comes $20 Oil.” That was the headline in Barron’s this weekend.  The article cited the supply side (US fracking and full tilt production from Saudi Arabia and Russia) as the main driver of oil's low price.  With that in mind, Tsakos Energy Navigation (TNP) is a seaborne oil transportation and storage company that makes more money when oil prices are low and supply is high.

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