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Did Warren Buffett Just Make an Obvious Mistake?

There was an interesting Warren Buffett interview last week where the “Oracle of Omaha” gave a handful of very wise advice to investors. However, we couldn’t help but notice, he seemed to make a glaring fundamental mistake. This article reviews Buffett’s good advice, postulates a couple reasons why he could have made his glaring fundamental mistake, and we finally offer a smart way (a specific security) to take advantage of Buffett’s good advice without making the same big mistake.

Two Attractive “Dogs of the Dow”

The Dogs of the Dow strategy proposes that an investor invests annually in the ten Dow Jones stocks with the highest dividend yield. Proponents of the strategy argue that blue-chip companies do not alter their dividend to reflect trading conditions and, therefore, the dividend is a measure of the average worth of the company. The following table ranks the 30 Dow Jones stocks by dividend yield, it includes a variety of other financial metrics, and finally we discuss two of our favorite Dogs of the Dow right now.

3 Attractive Investment Ideas: One +7% MLP, Two Growth Stocks

This week’s Weekly reviews an attractive +7% yield MLP that is on sale. We also review two growth stocks that we own in our Disciplined Growth portfolio. The MLP is very hated (and misunderstood) right now (which is why we like it), and the growth stocks have both rallied hard this year (they’re up 30% and 47%) and we share our views on how to play them going forward.

Owning Dividend Stocks Is Particularly Attractive Now

The rally in Dow Jones stocks after President Trump was elected is the largest ever according to data compiled by the Wall Street Journal. However, given the sectors that have been rallying the most, and considering signals from the bond market, we believe now is an attractive time to own dividend stocks, in particular.

...Don’t Chase the Highest Yield, Own the Healthiest Yield (Part II)

As a follow up to “part I” in this series, this “part II” article highlights more attractive healthy-dividend companies. We’re sticking with the theme that investors should NOT blindly chase after the highest yielding securities, but rather focus on those with the healthiest yields. We highlight a handful of healthy yielders including one that we own in our Blue Harbinger Disciplined Growth portfolio.

Don’t Chase the Highest Yield, Own the Healthiest Yield (Part I)

Unfortunately, many investors make the mistake of chasing the highest yielding securities without doing their homework. We believe in owning healthy yielding securities. This week’s Weekly highlights a group of healthy yielding securities. We also provide details for several specific high yielders with significant long-term price appreciation potential, including one we own in our Blue Harbinger Income Equity portfolio.

Two Compelling High-Yield Opportunities

This week’s Weekly addresses two compelling high-income opportunities (one of our own, and one from a Blue Harbinger member, Michael F). First, an attractive high yield bond that offers a double digit yield. It’s from a company that has experienced significant challenges, but appears to finally be “turning the corner.” Second, member Michael F has brought a high-yield MLP idea to our attention. Specifically, it’s an attractive ethanol logistics company that pays nearly 9% in distributions. However this company faces some big risks worth considering…

Snap (SNAP): Load Up or Stay Away!?

We’ve had three interesting stock-specific inquiries from members over the last few days, so we are taking a moment to share. First, Doug from Antioch, Illinois notes that tech company Snap has fallen dramatically from its IPO highs just a few days ago, and wonders if now is a good time to buy. Next, Benjamin from France asks for our views on 2019 Alibaba Call Options. And finally, Michael from Lincoln, Nebraska asks about a new wood chip play, Enviva (EVA) which offers a big distribution yield of 7.3%. This article gives our brief views on all three of these opportunities.

An Alternative High Income Bond Strategy

If it is safe high income you seek, this alternative strategy may be worth considering. Rather than investing only in big-dividend stocks, this article highlights three specific corporate bonds, and an advanced-strategy to generate high income with relatively low risk. We believe these three specific bonds offer an attractive risk-versus-reward opportunity to boost your income and diversify your portfolio.

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