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Despite New Market Highs, This Attractive High-Yielder Is On Sale

As tax reform sets in, and expensive over-regulation is rolled-back, the market continues to set new record highs. However, not all stocks are particpating in the latest round of gains. This week's Weekly highlights a big-dividend REIT, that is very healthy, but the share price has pulled back, and the valuation is attractive. If you are an income-focused investor, this one is worth considering.

Preferred Yields 10.9%, Paid Monthly: Growing Revenue, Shrinking Debt

With a 10.9% dividend yield (paid monthly), growing revenues, shrinking debt, and a very large total addressable market, the preferred shares of this healthcare IT company are worth considering if you are an income-focused investor. After providing an overview of the company, this article reviews the negative risks, which are greatly outnumbered by the positives characteristics, before finally drawing some conclusions on how you may want to “play” this very high-yield opportunity.

Attractive Ideas: An Update on Each of Our Current Holdings

Our long-term track record of gains and market-beating performance grew in December as we capped off another year of strong performance. This week's Blue Harbinger Weekly provides a quick update on each of our current holdings. We're excited about these stock specific ideas, as well as the additional gains that could be achieved from continuing market wide economic strength. And as a quick reminder, compound growth is a powerful wealth builder, and the tortoise beats the hare.

Top Big-Distribution CEF Ideas for 2018

If you are an income-focused value investor, some CEFs are currently offering highly attractive “double discounts” heading into 2018. CEF investors should be aware of the distribution income sources, including dividends as well as capital gains, for example. This article reviews our current CEF holdings and several top ideas for 2018.

10 Big Dividend REITs: 5 Attractive Value-Plays, 5 Dangerous Value-Traps!

If you’re an income-focused contrarian investor, big-dividend REITs may have caught your attention this year considering they’re underperformed the market (SPY) significantly. This week’s Blue Harbinger Weekly shares our brief views on ten big-dividend REITs, and without sharing which ones are attractive “value plays” and which ones are dangerous “value traps,” here are the ten: CBL & Associates (CBL), Taubman Centers (TCO), Realty Income (O), Uniti Group (UNIT), Washington Prime (WPG), Tanger Factory Outlet (SKT), Sabra Health (SBRA), Pennsylvania REIT (PEI), and Ventas Healthcare (VTR), and General Growth Properties (GGP).

NRZ's 10.9% Yield: Take Profits or Let Winners Run?

Following the recently announced Shellpoint deal, a lot of shareholders are wondering if it's finally time to take some chips (and profits) off the table with this big 10.9% dividend yielding company. We've made a lot of profits (and received a lot of dividends) on NRZ after purchasing it at the start of 2016, but here is what we've decided to do with those investment dollars now...

Fighting Risk Creep: Are You Ready for 2018?

“When the markets are good, like the current long running bull market… we must all fight risk creep in the portfolio.” That’s according to a recent LinkedIn note from Blue Harbinger friend, Brian Coker, CFA. It’s also a good segue into the topic of this week’s Blue Harbinger Weekly: High-Level Risks and Opportunities for 2018.

We Own This Big Dividend with Big Upside Potential

If you are a contrarian, income-focused investor, this big-dividend stock may be worth considering. Not only does this international searborne crude oil transportation company offer a big 5.1% dividend yield that we expect will be increased soon, but there are also company-specific and macroeconomic-cycle factors that may drive its share price significantly higher.

Performance Update: Sectors, Styles, Strategies and Ideas

This report provides an update on our current holdings (all Blue Harbinger strategies delivered strong positive returns again in November), and the market in general. We share some specific ideas and risks on stocks (e.g. Omega Healthcare, General Electric, and others) and sectors (e.g. REITs, BDCs and MLPs). The following color-ranked table provides an overview of broad market performance as of mid-day today.

How Income Investors Can Win With This Big-Dividend Value Trap

Investors are often lured in by high yields, only to later discover they've purchased a value trap. This report reviews why we believe one particularly popular high-yield equity is NOT worth the risk, and why we wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole. However, there is another point in the capital structure of this particular high-profile company that may be worth considering.

30+ Long-Term Capital Appreciation Ideas to Consider

For those of you interested in long-term capital appreciation, this reports shares a wide-variety of individual stock ideas. The model portfolio in this report is derived from a custom client portfolio we've been working on. It may help you generate ideas as you manage your own investments. Any questions, please let us know.

A Retail REIT Bottom? Parent May Pillage Brookfield’s Bid for GGP

Brookfield Property Partners offers a big 5.2% dividend yield, and the company may be calling a bottom in the retail REIT market via its bid to acquire GGP. However, the real winner may be Brookfield’s parent entity Brookfield Asset Management. This article provides an outlook for retail REITs, a review of the twisted conflicts of interest in this deal, and a few ideas on how income-focused investors may want to play this deal and the retail REIT space in general.

Members Mailbag: Triangle Capital – More Shoes to Drop?

This "Members Mailbag" report includes a brief update on big-dividend BDC Triangle Capital (TCAP) following an inquiry from Blue Harbinger member Bob S.; Bob’s full inquiry is included below, but he’s basically asking about the “strategic alternatives” discussed by management during the quarterly call, and he also notes that TCAP’s “former CEO really screwed up.” This write-up includes our opinion on the future of TCAP.

A Booming REIT with Room to Run, But Watch It Closely

Sticking with our market cycle / booming economy theme, this week's investment idea covers an attractive REIT with an above average dividend yield that continues to have legs. And while we believe this opportunity has more upside, it'll eventually slow when the market cycle slows. So to those of you who choose to ride this one higher--keep an eye on it because when the market cycle does eventually turn...

Realty Income: Big Monthly Dividend, Struggling Share Price

Realty Income (O) pays a big monthly dividend (+4.7%), but its price is down, and many investors are not happy. The company has a strong track record of success since it was first listed on the NYSE in 1994, but what has Realty Income done lately? Considering the horrible 1-year performance for the Real Estate sector, we intend for this to be the first in a series of REIT articles in the coming weeks. This article reviews Realty Income’s financial position, its current valuation, and our outlook for its future performance.

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