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Updated Heat Maps: Attractive Opportunities in Focus

The following tables rank the constituents of the Dow Jones by yield, list the 30 highest-yield stocks in the S&P500, and provide performance details for 50 different sector, style and asset class ETFs. We use this information to provide an overview of the current state of the market, and we highlight several attractive investment opportunities.

Top 8 High-Yield REITs Worth Considering

As contrarian income-investors, we are seeing a variety of interesting investment opportunities among real estate investment trusts (“REITs”). The group has been beat up over the last year as investors fear the possible negative impacts of rising interest rate expectations, and they’ve shunned most REITs in favor of higher growth sectors of the market (such as aggressive growth technology stocks).

Performance Update, And 3 Attractive Entry Points

All three Blue Harbinger portfolios (Income Equity, Disciplined Growth, and Smart Beta) continue their long-term track records of outperforming the S&P 500. This report provides a brief update on August performance, and shares three attractive investment opportunities currently trading lower and thereby providing attractive entry points for investors.

Don't Chase The Highest Yield, Consider High Quality Growing Yield

Many investors make the mistake of believing a higher yield is always a better yield. At Blue Harbinger, we believe in owning high quality yields, and we especially like it when a high quality yield has the health to keep growing. This article highlights an attractive, healthy company that offers a high quality yield that is expected to grow.

Our Current Retail Exposure, Plus An Interesting Investment Idea

As the “Death of Retail” narrative grows, and investors fear that online retailers (like Amazon) will put all “brick and mortar” stores (like Sears, Macy’s and shopping malls) out of business, we are starting to see some interesting opportunities. This article reviews our current exposure to “brick and mortar” retail, and then shares an interesting investment idea for brave contrarian investors to consider.

This Stock Yields >5%, Shares Are Attractively Priced

This week’s Blue Harbinger Weekly shares a compelling +5% yield opportunity, and the shares have sold off so far this month thereby making for a more attractive entry point, in our view. This company will benefit from the growing retail sector and doesn’t run the risk of getting “Amazoned” because it is indifferent between serving online versus brick and mortar retail customers.

A Post-Earnings Update on One of Our Big-Yielders

One of our colleagues had a great line during his CNBC interview this week. He said: “As an investor, the pain of buying at 100 and watching something go to 10, is only trumped by the pain of actually selling something at 10 and watching it go to 100.” The post-earnings selloff this article discusses wasn’t anywhere near that extreme, but we do believe the worst is behind the company.

A Double-Digit Yield Worth Considering

If you are an income-focused investor, with capital appreciation as a secondary objective, then you may want to consider the double-digit yield offered by the stock we review in this article. Specifically, we detail the bull-side arguments, followed by a few bear-case caveats, and conclude with our views on how investors should consider this opportunity.

An Attractive “Disciplined Growth” Stock, On Sale

At Blue Harbinger, we tend to write frequently about investments that pay big dividends. However, not all attractive investments pay a dividend. This article focuses on an attractive “disciplined growth” company, that currently pays zero dividend, but has very attractive price appreciation potential, and it is currently “on sale,” in our view.

A Brief Update on Each of Our Current Holdings

We finished July with positive returns for all three of our Blue Harbinger strategies (Income Equity, Disciplined Growth, and Smart Beta), and all three strategies continue to outperform the S&P 500 since their inception. This report provides a brief update on each of our current positions. We believe there is significantly more upside ahead.

Three Attractive High-Yield Closed-End Funds

If you are an income-focused investor, big-distribution closed-end funds ("CEFs") can be very attractive, but there are a few things investors need to be aware of. This article reviews important pros and cons of CEFs, and then highlights three of our favorite high-income CEFs that income-focused investors may want to consider.

Members’ Mailbag: Kinder Morgan Preferred Shares Yield 10.9%

From time to time, we like to share investment-related questions/ideas from our readers. Today's "Members’ Mailbag” comes from John W. Specifically, John asks:
"What is your thinking on KMI now that they have announced a schedule for future dividend increases? Their preferred shares have 4 dividend payments before conversion so would it be smart to simply invest in KMI-A as a way to begin a long position in KMI?"
Thanks for that question John, and we have a pretty strong opinion on this one…

New Residential: Weighing the Risks Ahead

New Residential Investment Corp (NRZ) is a unique mortgage REIT (think "MSRs") that is loved by many because of its big steady growing dividend payments (it currently yields 12.9%). However, this big yield does not come without risks as we’ve seen the shares fall 11% in the last three months. This article provides a brief review of the high-level risks facing NRZ, and then shares our views on the right way to think about NRZ.

Top 5 High-Yield Investments Worth Considering

This report is a continuation of our free public article titled “Market Top Coming: Top 10 High-Yield Investments Worth Considering," however this members-only version includes the Top 5. For some color, three of the Top 5 are high-yield bonds, and two are high-yield preferred stocks. Without further ado, here is the list...

Members Mailbag: Variable Rate, Fixed-Income, Closed-End Funds

From time to time, we like to share investment-related questions/ideas from our readers. Today's "Members Mailbag" comes from member Ken W.  Ken asks: "Given rising interest rates, albeit slowly, are you considering any floating rate funds/ETFs such as FRA, BGX, BX, JFR for your Income Equity Portfolio?" Thanks for that question and for those ideas Ken. Here are our thoughts...

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