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New Purchase: Blue Harbinger Disciplined Growth - Swapping Out Less Growth for More Upside

This is a brief update to notify you of a new trade in our Blue Harbinger Disciplined Growth portfolio. We’re swapping out shares of a lower growth opportunity for a higher growth opportunity. We believe the new position is a better fit and has significant growth potential.

MLP Sell-Off: Attractive High-Yield Fixed-to-Floating Preferred

If you are looking for a high-yield preferred that just sold-off inappropriately (i.e. a baby that’s been thrown out with the bathwater), and one that also offers lower volatility and protection again the risks of rising interest rates, you might want to consider these fixed-to-floating preferreds, currently yielding nearly 10% and having just sold-off following the FERC’s MLP ruling on Thursday.

Attractive High-Yield Preferred Stocks Worth Considering

Preferred stocks can be attractive to investors because they offer higher yields and lower volatility than common stocks. Currently, preferred stocks have sold-off as shown in the following chart. This article highlights nine big-dividend preferred stocks that we currently consider attractive and worth considering.

Top 10 Big-Dividend REITs: The Mass Exodus Continues

High-yield REITs continue to sell-off as investors exit in droves. This article highlights performance (and more data) on over 100 high-yield REITs that have sold off significantly. We then explain why REITs have sold off, and provide our views on why some REITs are starting to look increasingly attractive. We conclude with details on 10 specific high-yield REITs that are increasingly attractive and worth considering.

Market Rover: 20 High Yield Bonds Selling-Off, These 5 Are Worth Considering

High yield bonds are risky. And they are not for everyone. However, if you’re interested in wading into this space, there are some very interesting opportunities to pick up attractive yield, and price appreciation, with risk-versus-reward profiles that are often skewed in your favor.

100 High-Yield Stocks Down Big Last Week: These 10 Are Worth Considering

Market fear spiked on Friday (the VIX was up 28.5%), and the Dow Jones experienced its biggest weekly decline in over 2 years (-4.1%). Interestingly, many higher yielding stocks also sold off significantly, and this article highlights ten that we believe are attractive and worth considering, especially following the selloff.

Attractive High-Income Closed-End Funds

This article details multiple attractive opportunities to capture >6%+ yields. And because these attractive income opportunities are all CEFs, they offer investors a little something extra in terms of their currently discounted prices versus their NAVs. If you're an income-focused investor, these CEFs are worth considering.

A Safe 7% Yield: Lower Price, Higher Value

If you are an income-focused investor, this company is worth considering. It doesn’t offer the flashy price returns (or big downside risks) of the general stock market, but it does pay a safe 7% yield, its share price (what you pay) has recently decreased moderately, and its value (what you get) has recently increased.

This High-Yield Low-Risk Investment is Worth Considering

The primary objective of most income-focused investors is to generate as much income as possible with very little risk. And there are smart ways to do this that are often overlooked because so much of the investment world is focused on maximizing total returns (instead of generating safe high income). This article highlights one such opportunity. Specifically, if you are an income-focused investor, this article explains why this particular 8.8% yield is attractive and worth considering.

Despite New Market Highs, This Attractive High-Yielder Is On Sale

As tax reform sets in, and expensive over-regulation is rolled-back, the market continues to set new record highs. However, not all stocks are particpating in the latest round of gains. This week's Weekly highlights a big-dividend REIT, that is very healthy, but the share price has pulled back, and the valuation is attractive. If you are an income-focused investor, this one is worth considering.

Preferred Yields 10.9%, Paid Monthly: Growing Revenue, Shrinking Debt

With a 10.9% dividend yield (paid monthly), growing revenues, shrinking debt, and a very large total addressable market, the preferred shares of this healthcare IT company are worth considering if you are an income-focused investor. After providing an overview of the company, this article reviews the negative risks, which are greatly outnumbered by the positives characteristics, before finally drawing some conclusions on how you may want to “play” this very high-yield opportunity.

Attractive Ideas: An Update on Each of Our Current Holdings

Our long-term track record of gains and market-beating performance grew in December as we capped off another year of strong performance. This week's Blue Harbinger Weekly provides a quick update on each of our current holdings. We're excited about these stock specific ideas, as well as the additional gains that could be achieved from continuing market wide economic strength. And as a quick reminder, compound growth is a powerful wealth builder, and the tortoise beats the hare.

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