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Blue Harbinger Weekly

Holdings & Performance Update: Orderly Sell-Off, Attractive Opportunities Ahead

As  you can see in the following chart, December was a rough end to a rough fourth quarter, with the S&P 500 (SPY) declining another 8.8% for the month. The good news is the sell-off was orderly, and stocks have rebounded significantly in the last two weeks. This report reviews the performance of our investment strategies, including commentary on individual holdings. We also highlight where we’re seeing the best opportunities going forward, assuming (of course) you can stick to your disciplined long-term investment strategy (i.e. don’t make silly mistakes).

Buy Low: Top 5 Growth Stocks, On Sale

In 5 years, you’ll probably wish you bought a few shares of these attractive growth stocks. Granted, many of our readers are focused on dividend stocks; however, we believe in the importance of diversifying some of your investment dollars across a variety of investment styles, particularly when they present attractive opportunities. All of the stocks on our list have enormous long-term price appreciation potential. We’re not suggesting anyone bet the farm on growth stocks, but adding a few attractive ones to your portfolio is worth considering. Without further ado, here is the list…

Don’t Make This Mistake! Do Consider These 5 Big Yields (+7% to +11% Yields, On Sale)

The market sell-off is continuing. The media bears and fear mongers are out in full force. It’s times like these that investors panic and make big mistakes. But please… Don’t make this mistake! After explaining this big mistake that should be avoided, we share 5 attractive high-yielders to consider, but only if…

3 Blue Chips For Strong Income, Plus Price Appreciation

One of our favorite long-time members (HB from Texas) recently asked “If you had to pick two or three securities for primarily income, but good candidates for capital growth, which would they be?” He mused REITs, MLPs, preferred stocks and bonds. For your consideration, this article includes three blue chip ideas that we consider attractive right now because of their strong income, as well as their potential for healthy price appreciation to boot.

Will You Let This Noisy Market Beat You?

When the market gets volatile (like it has been recently), that’s when people make mistakes. The most important rules of investing are to know your goals and to stick to your strategy (assuming you have a competent strategy). The fear mongering media, high-frequency traders and hapless short-timers are doing everything they can to make you second guess your strategy and deviate from your plan. Don’t let them beat you.

Holdings & Performance Update: Strong Results, Despite Risk-Off, Attractive Opportunities Abound

This is our monthly performance update. All Blue Harbinger strategies delivered strong performance in November, despite it being the second month in a row of challenging risk-off market conditions. We believe there are attractive security-specific investment opportunities abound, but of course never lose sight of you goals, and stick to your long-term plan.

Blue Harbinger Weekly: Omega’s 7.3% Yield, Has Risk-Off Gone Too Far?

This week’s Blue Harbinger Weekly digs into specific investment ideas following the powerful market-wide “flight to quality” since October, including a detailed review and trading idea for big-dividend (7.3% yield) REIT, Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI). We also review the names on our Income Equity watchlist, as well as the results of an attractive Growth Equity stock screen, we provide an update on our market-wide health monitor, and we conclude with some ideas about how you might want to position your investment portfolio going forward.

Energy Sells-Off: 3 Attractive Stocks To Consider

Oil Prices, which are often somewhat less correlated with the overall market, have sold-off, and so has the overall market, as shown in the following chart. This article highlights three attractive equity investments that have just gotten less expensive: An energy-related closed-end fund managed by a company we like, a group of energy stocks with attractive dividend yields, and an attractive long-term “value play” tangentially related to the industry. Without further ado, here are the attractive opportunities for you to consider.

Holdings & Performance Update: As Volatility Spikes, Be Opportunistic, Stick To Your Goals

The S&P 500 declined 6.9% in October. All of our strategies performed roughly as expected, and continue their growing long-term track records of strong performance and high income. This report: (1) Reviews our performance and big movers (stocks, bonds and preferreds) for the month. (2) Discusses the difference between alpha and beta (especially as they relate to your individual long-term goals). (3) Provides some advice on how to behave when the market gets volatile.

Sell-Off Continues: Perspective, Opportunities and Advice

As usual, investors are nervous as the market-wide sell-off persists. This is a good time to share some perspective, opportunities and advice. All of this pertains to how the markets have behaved following previous sell-offs, specific stocks that have gotten less expensive, and investment strategies that have proven themselves over and over again throughout history.

The Fed’s Folly: Is The Growth Bubble Bursting?

The Federal Reserve has punished savers for years by keeping interest rates artificially low. And now the Fed is starting to punish everyone as artificially low rates are increasing inflationary pressure and decreasing buying power. And as the Fed increases rates, growth will slow, and the market will be in an uphill battle for years. Is this month’s sell-off an indication that the FANG-ish growth and momentum bubble is finally starting to burst?

Despite Ugly Week, The Future Looks Bright, and Here's Why...

Here is a look at the S&P 500 for last week, and it was not pretty (down 4.1%). However, the future looks bright for a variety of reasons (e.g. upcoming earnings, low valuations, and rates are still low). This article shares a few “do’s” and “do not’s” for investors during and after a big sell-off (like this past week), and we review a few more specific investment ideas that are attractive (for income and capital appreciation).

Stocks Down Big: Here’s Our Members-Only Shopping List

The last week has been a rough one for stocks. The S&P 500 (SPY) was down 1.6%, the Nasdaq (QQQ) was down 4.2%, and a bunch of individual names were down A LOT more. The point of this article is to review a few of the names on our watch list that have sold-off significantly, and then discuss a few trades that we’re considering for the upcoming week.

Holdings & Performance Update: Disruptive Growth, High Income

September was another healthy month for all Blue Harbinger strategies, with disruptive growth companies continuing to climb significantly, while high-income payers continued to pay high-income. This report reviews our current holdings, including the big movers during September, as well as what looks most attractive on a go-forward basis.

Am I Diversified? How Many Stocks Should I Own?

This week's Blue Harbinger weekly is a direct follow-up to a member inquiry about "what is an appropriate number of stocks to own?" First of all, if you’re going to put a significant portion of your nest egg in the market, you probably don’t want to put it all in just one stock (too risky!) But how many positions should you hold? There are academic studies that suggest at least 25 to 30 stocks is enough to garner all the main benefits of diversification, but still—there are additional important things you need to consider. This article describes how we construct our portfolios at Blue Harbinger, and will hopefully help you garner some important ideas as you build and manage your own.

Holdings & Performance Update: More Gains, More Opportunities

All three Blue Harbinger strategies delivered positive total returns in August (+5.2%, +2.3% and +3.4%), and the yields are attractive too (5.1%, 6.28%, 1.5%). This report provides details on performance and holdings, and provides updates on the biggest movers over the last month. We continue to believe these strategies are attractively positioned for continuing long-term market out performance (income and price appreciation).

Tempting 8.3% Yield, Price Upside, On This New, Oil & Gas, Small Cap

This week’s Weekly highlights an increasingly attractive high-yield, oil & gas, small cap that began trading earlier this year. It’s a case where some investors gave up very big long-term income in exchange for upfront cash via an IPO. It pays monthly, and the shares just sold-off, as shown in the chart. We consider the attractive qualities and the risks, and conclude with our bottom line views.

The Most Loved & Hated Big-Dividend REITS

CBL and Tanger are two very hated retail REITs right now considering 40.3% and 53.0% of their shares (respectively) were recently sold short, and 0.0% of the Wall Street analysts covering them have a “buy” recommendation. Conversely, one of the big-dividend REITs we like and own has a negligible amount of short interest, and 100% of the Wall Street analysts covering it rate it a “buy,” as shown in the green bar chart. This update shares performance metrics on over 100 big dividend REITs, makes a few observations, and then highlights a couple of our favorites.

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