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A Powerful, Under-The-Radar, Growth Stock—On Sale!

We’re adding a new, powerful, under-the-radar, growth stock to our watchlist. This is a company that has sold-off hard in recent months despite the fact that its business is getting MUCH more attractive. Somewhat ironically, it’s the market’s inability to correctly process this company’s vastly improved business model that has caused the stock to sell-off, thereby making it even more attractive. We haven’t hit the buy button yet, but we have a very itchy trigger finger on this one.

Am I Diversified? How Many Stocks Should I Own?

This week's Blue Harbinger weekly is a direct follow-up to a member inquiry about "what is an appropriate number of stocks to own?" First of all, if you’re going to put a significant portion of your nest egg in the market, you probably don’t want to put it all in just one stock (too risky!) But how many positions should you hold? There are academic studies that suggest at least 25 to 30 stocks is enough to garner all the main benefits of diversification, but still—there are additional important things you need to consider. This article describes how we construct our portfolios at Blue Harbinger, and will hopefully help you garner some important ideas as you build and manage your own.

4 Powerful Growth Stocks To Buy, Especially After Wednesday's Sell-Off

Nervous short-term profit-taking and a sympathy sell-off from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's testimony before Congress yesterday, combined to create some very attractive opportunities to buy a handful of powerful growth stocks, especially if you're a dip-buyer.

Holdings & Performance Update: More Gains, More Opportunities

All three Blue Harbinger strategies delivered positive total returns in August (+5.2%, +2.3% and +3.4%), and the yields are attractive too (5.1%, 6.28%, 1.5%). This report provides details on performance and holdings, and provides updates on the biggest movers over the last month. We continue to believe these strategies are attractively positioned for continuing long-term market out performance (income and price appreciation).

Tempting 8.3% Yield, Price Upside, On This New, Oil & Gas, Small Cap

This week’s Weekly highlights an increasingly attractive high-yield, oil & gas, small cap that began trading earlier this year. It’s a case where some investors gave up very big long-term income in exchange for upfront cash via an IPO. It pays monthly, and the shares just sold-off, as shown in the chart. We consider the attractive qualities and the risks, and conclude with our bottom line views.

This Healthy Dividend Stock Will Grow As Nat Gas Volumes Boom

If you're looking for an attractive dividend plus continuing price appreciation, the natural gas compression equipment companies are worth considering. Specifically, this niche industry is booming thanks to an ongoing secular trend of increasing natural gas volumes due to relatively recent technological advances as well as environmental concerns. This detailed write-up is from Darren McCammon of the highly successful Cash Flow Kingdom (a membership service of which we are a paying customer).

Attractive Dividend Dog Of The Dow: Anti Froth-Chasers, Trade War Fearmongers

“Dogs of the Dow” is basically a high-dividend contrarian strategy, whereby an investor selects annually for investment the ten Dow Jones (DIA) stocks with the highest dividend yields. This article reviews one particular Dog that we consider particularly attractive right now because of overblown trade war fears, its low volatility, its big growing dividend, and because the market is vastly underestimating its improved business.

The Most Loved & Hated Big-Dividend REITS

CBL and Tanger are two very hated retail REITs right now considering 40.3% and 53.0% of their shares (respectively) were recently sold short, and 0.0% of the Wall Street analysts covering them have a “buy” recommendation. Conversely, one of the big-dividend REITs we like and own has a negligible amount of short interest, and 100% of the Wall Street analysts covering it rate it a “buy,” as shown in the green bar chart. This update shares performance metrics on over 100 big dividend REITs, makes a few observations, and then highlights a couple of our favorites.

Income Investors: This Attractive 6.9% Yielder Just Sold-Off

If you are an income-focused investor, there are lots of reasons to consider making an allocation to this attractive high-yielder, such as the high yield, monthly payments, attractively discounted price, hard to access investments, and its potential to be an effective hedge against rising interest rates. But before you dive in headfirst, you should also consider the risks. This type of investment is not for everyone, but if you like high monthly income, this one is worth considering, especially after the recent big and unwarranted sell-off.

Is The Economy Flashing Danger Ahead For Stocks? Here’s How To Be Prepared

The following table shows performance (total returns) for various style, sector and asset class ETFs. It also tells a story about where we are in the current classic economic cycle (not early!), and has implications for investors (i.e. now may not be the right time to get greedy). In this report, we review the data, share a prominent “selective data driven narrative,” and share our own opinion, before concluding with our viewpoint on how to be prepared.

3 High-Income Plays That Just Sold-Off

If you like high income and attractively discounted prices, this article has 3 ideas for you to consider. The ideas range from equity CEFs to bonds to high-yield BDCs, but they all have two things in common: (1) high income, and (2) attractively discounted prices. Without further ado, here is the list...

All Blue Harbinger Strategies Up (Again) in July, More Gains, More Income Ahead

Don't be this guy! As many investors got burned last month with overly concentrated "hyper-growth" portfolios, our performance continues to be strong, and we like our holdings going forward. Some of our under-priced securities started to post the big gains we believe they're overdue for, and a couple positions sold off, thereby making them even more attractive going forward; we will review those (and our overall performance) in this report.

Omega Healthcare: Attractive 8.9% Yield, Big Risks Ahead of Earnings

There is a lot of gloom and doom surrounding big-dividend REIT Omega Healthcare (OHI). The negativity originates mainly from Omega’s many troubled operators. And investor fear has grown as short-interest remains high, the share price has been volatile, and the very recently announced termination of restructuring support for Orianna. With Omega expected to announce earnings this week, this article reviews the big risks before concluding with our views on who may or may not want to own this high-income REIT.

Attractive 8.3% Yield CEF, On Sale, Lower Risk

This particular Closed-End Fund (CEF) offers a big 8.3% yield, and it is currently trading at an attractively large discount to its net asset value (NAV). This article explains why this particular CEF presents a very attractive buying opportunity, and we also review the risk factors that investors should be aware of. If you like high-income and less downside risk, this one is worth considering.

An Attractive, Double-Digit, Tax-Advantaged Yield

This is a guest article from Darren McCammon. Darren runs the highly successful Cash Flow Kingdom on Seeking Alpha. We are paying-members of Darren’s service, and appreciate the high quality investment ideas he shares. This particular article is about an attractive, tax-advantaged, maritime shipping company that currently offers a yield in excess of 10%.

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