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Simon Property: 5 Popular High Yield REITs, Due For A Pullback

As the market has climbed dramatically this year, so too have many popular high yield REITs, such as SPG, O, WELL, VTR, OHI, STAG and WPC. And despite the Fed’s recently decreased interest rate hawkishness, it is still concerning to see these popular “safe haven” REITs did NOT fall nearly as hard as the rest of the market during Q4 and their share prices & valuations are now unusually high. When sentiment changes, these popular REITS are due for a pullback, perhaps a big one. This article reviews valuations and concludes with our opinions.

Omega Healthcare: Tempting 7.2% Yield, But Know The Big Risks

The last year has been volatile for big-dividend healthcare REIT Omega, as it suspended its customary dividend increases. This week's earnings announcement has given us important new insight about its long-term prospects. This article shares our views on Omega's viability as an income investment.

Options Trade: Attractive REIT Income, Compelling Price Action

We just placed a new high-income-generating options trade. Near-term technicals are creating an attractive opportunity to generate income on an attractive long-term big-dividend REIT. We believe this is an attractive trade to place today, and potentially tomorrow, as long as the share price doesn't move too dramatically before then.

Blue Harbinger Weekly: Omega’s 7.3% Yield, Has Risk-Off Gone Too Far?

This week’s Blue Harbinger Weekly digs into specific investment ideas following the powerful market-wide “flight to quality” since October, including a detailed review and trading idea for big-dividend (7.3% yield) REIT, Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI). We also review the names on our Income Equity watchlist, as well as the results of an attractive Growth Equity stock screen, we provide an update on our market-wide health monitor, and we conclude with some ideas about how you might want to position your investment portfolio going forward.

The Most Loved & Hated Big-Dividend REITS

CBL and Tanger are two very hated retail REITs right now considering 40.3% and 53.0% of their shares (respectively) were recently sold short, and 0.0% of the Wall Street analysts covering them have a “buy” recommendation. Conversely, one of the big-dividend REITs we like and own has a negligible amount of short interest, and 100% of the Wall Street analysts covering it rate it a “buy,” as shown in the green bar chart. This update shares performance metrics on over 100 big dividend REITs, makes a few observations, and then highlights a couple of our favorites.

Omega Healthcare: Attractive 8.9% Yield, Big Risks Ahead of Earnings

There is a lot of gloom and doom surrounding big-dividend REIT Omega Healthcare (OHI). The negativity originates mainly from Omega’s many troubled operators. And investor fear has grown as short-interest remains high, the share price has been volatile, and the very recently announced termination of restructuring support for Orianna. With Omega expected to announce earnings this week, this article reviews the big risks before concluding with our views on who may or may not want to own this high-income REIT.

Blue Harbinger Weekly: Wide-Ranging Attractive Opportunities

Sometimes simply comparing a diverse opportunity set can help you see things in a valuable new light. This week’s Weekly reviews a specific growth stock on sale, shares a list of over 400 stocks with yields over 5% (many of which we have written about, and some of which we own), and finally considers the attractiveness of selling income-generating “covered call options” on two of the higher yielding securities on our list.

Top 10 Big-Dividend REITs: The Mass Exodus Continues

High-yield REITs continue to sell-off as investors exit in droves. This article highlights performance (and more data) on over 100 high-yield REITs that have sold off significantly. We then explain why REITs have sold off, and provide our views on why some REITs are starting to look increasingly attractive. We conclude with details on 10 specific high-yield REITs that are increasingly attractive and worth considering.

7 Attractive Dividend Investments

This week’s Weekly provides an update and outlook for seven of our existing Blue Harbinger holdings. Specifically, we remain bullish on our healthcare REIT holding, we see more big gains on the industrials stock we purchased last summer, we remain comfortable with our commercial real estate position (despite signs the industry may soon slow), and finally, our four recent CEF purchases have seen their discounts to NAV start to shrink (a good thing), they continue to pay very large distributions, and we remain very bullish on their strategies.

An Attractive Investment Opportunity

Today we’re sharing an attractive investment opportunity for your consideration. It’s the type of investment that generally only works when market volatility is high. However, despite the VIX being at historically low levels, there are still pockets of high volatility in the market where the premium is attractive for selling insurance (puts) on stocks we’d like to own anyway.

We Own These 3 REITs In Our Income Equity Portfolio

This week’s Weekly reviews the three REITs we actually own in our Blue Harbinger Income Equity portfolio. One is a residential REIT with a unique business model and an important competitive advantage, one is a blue chip industrial REIT with access to many prime locations, and the third is a big-dividend healthcare REIT that offers a very compelling contrarian opportunity.

Omega Healthcare: Big Dividend, Big Evolving Risks

Omega Healthcare (OHI) pays a big growing dividend (7.2%), and it has recently underperformed many of its healthcare REIT peers. Some investors are quick to sing its praises as a “value play,” but it is most certainly exposed to very real risks. Specifically, the evolving skilled nursing facilities industry calls into question the source of Omega’s future revenues particularly with regards to entitlement reform. This article provides our views on Omega, and addresses the all-important question: Is Omega worth the risk?

Our 28 Favorite Stocks: July Performance Review & Outlook

In this week’s Blue Harbinger Weekly, we provide a brief performance review and outlook for each of the 28 holdings across our Blue Harbinger strategies. We also provide access to a members-only report on our “Top 3 Covered Call Stocks.” Lastly, you’ll notice we’ve updated performance though the end of July, and all three Blue Harbinger strategies continue to significantly outperform.

Top 3 Big-Dividend REITS Worth Considering

Friday's Brexit induced market volatility caused many of the high-yield REITs to show their true colors. Many of the safest ones actually gained on Friday acting as a "safe haven" as the rest of the market sold off. This week's Blue Harbinger Weekly is a continuation of our free report titled "Seven Big-Dividend REITs Worth Considering." Specifically, we provide all the details (and full reports) for our Top 3 REITs. And our new Investment Idea this week happens to be an attractive high-yield REIT included in the Top 3. 

New Trades and Top Five Big Dividend Stocks

We have multiple exciting updates in this week’s Blue Harbinger Weekly. First, we’ve placed several new trades in the Blue Harbinger Income Equity strategy bringing the portfolio's aggregate dividend yield to over 5.0%. Second, in a continuation to our public report Nine Big Dividend Stocks Worth Considering we have included detailed reports for each of the Top Five Big Dividend Stocks (and yes, we do own all five in in the Blue Harbinger Income Equity strategy).

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