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I created Blue Harbinger to help you fight back against Wall Street’s hidden fees and conflicts of interest by managing some or all of your own investments, and by doing it well.

I focus on attractive high-income investment opportunities, including dividend stocks, REITs, BDCs, CEFs, income via growth, and alternative fixed-income.

You can read more about me and what I offer, below…

Mark D. Hines


My Background:

Prior to Blue Harbinger, I managed multi-billion dollar institutional investment portfolios for a private pension fund and for a large bank in Chicago. I hold a BS in Finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and an MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. Throughout my career, I have been laser focused on building top quality investment portfolios, as well as fighting back against Wall Street’s hidden fees and conflicts of interest.

Research Memberships:

A membership to Blue Harbinger Research is designed to help you manage your own investments. Members have access to investment idea reports, the individual holdings within our proprietary investment portfolios, and market outlook reports and updates. You can learn more about a Blue Harbinger research membership here:

Core Beliefs:

Prudently diversified, goal-oriented, long-term investing is a proven strategy for success.

Whether you’re seeking high income or powerful total returns—it just works. Prudently diversified means that too little diversification is way too risky, and too much diversification leads to average performance at best. Goal-oriented means understanding your investment objectives, and then sticking to a strategy that allows you to achieve them. For example, if you are an income-focused investor—don’t put 100% of your nest egg into risky growth stocks. It’s okay to be opportunistic on the margin, but don’t ever lose sight of your long-term goals. And “long-term investing” basically means don’t make silly mistakes. For example, we’ve outlined 7 of them here: How Not to Invest: 7 Deadly Sins of Long-Term Investing.

Minimize Costs.

One of the core tenets of Blue Harbinger is to help investors avoid the high costs, hidden fees and conflicts of interest that are prevalent throughout the industry. For example, not everyone needs a full-service financial advisor (aka stock broker), especially considering all of the transparent and non-transparent fees that exist (e.g. 5% sales charges, management fees, 12b-1 fees, and unnecessary trading costs, to name a few). Also, most investors would be better off avoiding mutual funds because they tend to charge very high fees, they are tax inefficient, and most of them underperform over the long-term because they are over-diversified (i.e. they are "closet index funds" with inappropriately high fees and hidden trading costs). Additionally, many investment advisors are simply not able to act in your best interest because of inherent conflicts of interest. For example, their arms are often being twisted by special interest groups to invest your money in a certain way. Also, many of them are simply acting in their own best interest, not yours.

Pick Good Investments.

At Blue Harbinger, our rule of thumb is that if we don't understand the investment, we don't invest. Specifically, we need to understand how the business makes money, and then we need to believe in the investment going forward. We also need to believe the valuation/price is appropriate for our long-term goals. Rigorous analysis and a lot of experience underpins all of our investment decisions. We’re constantly researching new and old investment opportunities, and then sharing our reports and opinions with readers. We’re doing a lot of heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

The Blue Harbinger Name and Logo:

The Blue Harbinger logo is a blue chip. Blue chip stocks are companies that have the ability to be profitable in good times and bad. “Harbinger” is anything that announces (and often foreshadows) a future event. For example, when a company is well-run, generates healthy cash flows, and trades at an attractive valuation—that’s often a harbinger of strong future stock price performance. The four leaf clover design on the logo is actually two betas. If you’ve ever studied finance in school, you know beta is a measure of market risk exposure. The other beta is for “B” in Blue, and there is a small “H” (at the bottom) for “Harbinger.” The alpha (in the middle of the logo) is the finance symbol representing market outperformance.


Blue Harbinger Headquarters:

Blue Harbinger is headquartered in beautiful Naperville, Illinois, USA (about 35 miles west of Chicago). Our crown jewel is the beautiful downtown Naperville Riverwalk (pictured at the top of this page). If you’re ever in the area, I am happy to meet you at a local coffeehouse to discuss investing. Please feel free to get in touch:

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