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TCAP's Liquidation: Not Ideal, But Still Attractive

If you are not aware, Triangle Capital announced last month that it is selling its investment portfolio to Benefit Street Partners for cash; and Barings will become the company’s new investment advisor. In our view, this liquidation is NOT ideal, however it is still very attractive for TCAP shareholders. Here’s why…

Blue Harbinger Portfolio Update: More Gains, More Upside

Our Blue Harbinger portfolios posted strong gains over the last month. They also delivered attractive yield, and we continue to believe they are positioned for healthy gains going forward. This report provides details on performance, and provides updates on some of the bigger movers (down and up) over the last month.

5.9% Yield Triton: The Real Reason It Sold Off

To some extent, it makes sense that the stock price of shipping-container company, Triton International (TRTN), keeps getting whipped around by moving credit spreads. However, the market is not giving this company enough credit for improving conditions within its niche industry, nor is the stock price correctly reflecting improving company-specific fundamentals.

MLP Sell-Off: Attractive High-Yield Fixed-to-Floating Preferred

If you are looking for a high-yield preferred that just sold-off inappropriately (i.e. a baby that’s been thrown out with the bathwater), and one that also offers lower volatility and protection again the risks of rising interest rates, you might want to consider these fixed-to-floating preferreds, currently yielding nearly 10% and having just sold-off following the FERC’s MLP ruling on Thursday.

This High-Yield Low-Risk Investment is Worth Considering

The primary objective of most income-focused investors is to generate as much income as possible with very little risk. And there are smart ways to do this that are often overlooked because so much of the investment world is focused on maximizing total returns (instead of generating safe high income). This article highlights one such opportunity. Specifically, if you are an income-focused investor, this article explains why this particular 8.8% yield is attractive and worth considering.

Preferred Yields 10.9%, Paid Monthly: Growing Revenue, Shrinking Debt

With a 10.9% dividend yield (paid monthly), growing revenues, shrinking debt, and a very large total addressable market, the preferred shares of this healthcare IT company are worth considering if you are an income-focused investor. After providing an overview of the company, this article reviews the negative risks, which are greatly outnumbered by the positives characteristics, before finally drawing some conclusions on how you may want to “play” this very high-yield opportunity.

Top Big-Distribution CEF Ideas for 2018

If you are an income-focused value investor, some CEFs are currently offering highly attractive “double discounts” heading into 2018. CEF investors should be aware of the distribution income sources, including dividends as well as capital gains, for example. This article reviews our current CEF holdings and several top ideas for 2018.

NRZ's 10.9% Yield: Take Profits or Let Winners Run?

Following the recently announced Shellpoint deal, a lot of shareholders are wondering if it's finally time to take some chips (and profits) off the table with this big 10.9% dividend yielding company. We've made a lot of profits (and received a lot of dividends) on NRZ after purchasing it at the start of 2016, but here is what we've decided to do with those investment dollars now...

We Own This Big Dividend with Big Upside Potential

If you are a contrarian, income-focused investor, this big-dividend stock may be worth considering. Not only does this international searborne crude oil transportation company offer a big 5.1% dividend yield that we expect will be increased soon, but there are also company-specific and macroeconomic-cycle factors that may drive its share price significantly higher.

How Income Investors Can Win With This Big-Dividend Value Trap

Investors are often lured in by high yields, only to later discover they've purchased a value trap. This report reviews why we believe one particularly popular high-yield equity is NOT worth the risk, and why we wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole. However, there is another point in the capital structure of this particular high-profile company that may be worth considering.

A Retail REIT Bottom? Parent May Pillage Brookfield’s Bid for GGP

Brookfield Property Partners offers a big 5.2% dividend yield, and the company may be calling a bottom in the retail REIT market via its bid to acquire GGP. However, the real winner may be Brookfield’s parent entity Brookfield Asset Management. This article provides an outlook for retail REITs, a review of the twisted conflicts of interest in this deal, and a few ideas on how income-focused investors may want to play this deal and the retail REIT space in general.

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